Sugar Rush Studios’ Lovecraftian Horror Visual Novel “At Eve’s Wake” Now on PC

On Tuesday, independent game developer Sugar Rush Studios announced the release of its inaugural game, At Eve’s Wake, a pscychological horror visual novel.

Inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft, At Eve’s Wake is described as an “interactive horror story” with “players discovering the family they never knew and uncovering their sinister practices.”

Here’s the official breakdown of At Eve’s Wake from Sugar Rush:

In the role of an estranged relative, players are thrust into the story with the arrival of a letter requesting their presence at their long-lost grandmother’s funeral. In attendance is the long-lost extended family; a cast in of shadowy characters with secrets and ulterior motives to be uncovered. At Eve’s Wake unfolds through a series of player choices and beautifully detailed illustrations. Will you be the family’s redemption or join and lead them down an even darker path?.

While it’s often said that choices have consequences, this is most certainly the case with At Eve’s Wake. First, players select between personality attributes such as smart, strong, or charismatic – each with its own playstyle, dialog options, and influence over actions in the story. Taking care with your choices throughout the game is critical, as your actions won’t be forgotten, and knowledge gained cannot be unlearned, irrevocably changing the game’s direction. Some choices may even wreak havoc on your fragile state, spiraling you to the brink of sanity


• H.P. Lovecraft-inspired narrative with numerous twists and turns

• Four distinctly different endings

• Choices have far-reaching consequences, altering the story’s path and outcome.

• Personality trait-based play styles that affect actions and dialog options

• Knowledge gained carries over to subsequent play-throughs.

• Save-scumming and/or restarting the game opens up additional options and paths.

At Eve’s Wake is available now on PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store) for $24.99 though there is a 10% launch discount if you jump on it quickly. Sugar Rush also intends to release the game on additional platforms, but specifics have been confirmed.

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