Retro-Inspired Platformer “6Souls” Now Available on Consoles

Yep. 6Souls. No space.

On Friday, indie game publisher Ratalaika Games released 6Souls for the PS4, PS5, Xbone, SeXbox, and Nintendo Switch via each platform’s digital storefront. Developed by BUG-Studio, 6Souls is a challenging 2D platformer with a retro-inspired, pixelated aesthetic. Using the powerful “soul-dash”, players must traverse a gauntlet of deadly hazards and solve the mystery of Clifford Castle.

Plus, you have a dog. Keen!

Here’s the official breakdown of 6Souls from Ratalaika:

Jack and his faithful dog Butch are big adventure lovers and one day come across a map in which they find details of an abandoned castle of the Clifford family, so they eagerly make their way in search of possible treasure.

It soon becomes apparent that actually getting into the castle may not be that straightforward. As they make their way to the castle’s bridge, it collapses and they have to get out of the abyss through the castle’s basement, in which they find the first soul (the soul of the palace), who asks for help.

The story in 6Souls is presented in an interesting and inventive way with its tangle of events that unwind the further you proceed. 6Souls presents 10 main chapters, with more than 80 levels in the normal game mode, and more than 120 levels in the difficult mode, complete with bosses, this delightful presentation offers many hidden surprises that draw you deeper into the story.

Game Features:

8 different locations with their own unique features and challenges

Each location has its own characteristics

Forest, Castle Dungeon, Castle, library, laboratory, etc

6Souls offers more than meets the eye with situations that unfold and challenge in a number of ways – Poisonous gas pipes in the laboratory, gusts of wind in the balconies – which will either help the player or prevent the player from completing the levels by fighting bosses galore. There are even spiders that hang on a web from the ceiling, as well as magical bookshelves that move by themselves.

6Souls is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbone, SeXbox, and Nintendo Switch for $7.99.

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