Uprising Studios’ 3D Platformer “Scarf” Coming to GOG, Steam PC Just in Time for Christmas

“It’s too cold to go alone! Take a scarf.” – Some Old Man in Hyrule (probably)

On Monday, publisher HandyGames announced that Scarf will be coming to PC on 23 December via Steam and GOG. Developed by Uprising Studios, Scarf is a 3D platforming adventure game designed for gamers of all ages (well, not babies or really old people, I’m sure).

Here’s the official breakdown of Scarf from HandyGames, followed by the latest trailer:

Discover your true destiny as you explore beautifully crafted worlds. Although pretty, these worlds have been altered in various ways. Something or someone is hiding the truth. What can you see on the horizon? What will the dawn of a new day bring? Zero-in on what’s really going on in SCARF!

During your adventures in SCARF, you will have to solve all kinds of increasingly complex puzzles, overcome daunting obstacles and discover gorgeous new places, using interesting mechanics. Take your time and ease your breath in this wild world, do not fear the puzzles and challenges as the game mechanics are quite forgiving.


A journey for all ages with multiple narrative levels

• Beautiful scenarios

• A stunning art style

A mysterious polymorphic scarf in the shape of a dragon

• Unravel an alternate ending, depending on the player’s exploration

• Adaptive orchestral music

• A magical world with a legendary mythology

• Exploration, puzzles, and platforms that make for an adventure worth remembering

Interested? You can add Scarf to your Steam wishlist here. There will also be a 10 percent launch discount for a limited time.

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