Rejected Games’ “Mr. Prepper” Coming to Xbox Platforms on 10 December

Rejected Games’ survival adventure title Mr. Prepper will be coming to both Xbone and SeXbox on 10 December, with a PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch release coming later in 2022. The game debuted on PC this past March.

In Mr. Prepper, gamers step into a future threatened by nuclear war. You must build and maintain an underground shelter, trade with neighbors, and fight for your survival.

Here’s the official breakdown of Mr. Prepper followed by the latest trailer:

Mr. Prepper is a survival title with elements of crafting and adventure, which distinguishes itself through its unique underground shelter construction system. The game, created by Rejected Games, also features a characteristic side view, a dystopian atmosphere and a colourful palette. The developers have prepared a wide range of possibilities for creating items, exploring the surroundings or even constructing a rocket. Everything is complemented by an intriguing story, brimming with a specific brand of humour.

The player takes on the role of the eponymous Mr. Prepper, a precautious man who is always ready for the worst. Faced with the risk of a total nuclear war, he has no choice but to take matters into his own hands, start his preparations and simply fight for survival.


• survival with elements of crafting and adventure

• building an underground shelter

• dystopian atmosphere and unique storyline

• trade, exploration, rocket building

• 20-30 hours of fun

Don’t want to wait for the console releases? You can pick up Mr. Prepper right now via Steam here.

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