2D Point-And-Click Adventure “Watch Over Christmas” Flying to Steam PC on 21 December

On Thursday, indie games publisher Dionous Games announced that their new 2D point-and-click adventure Watch Over Christmas will be released exclusively for Steam PC on 21 December.

In Watch Over Christmas, players embark on a quest to save Santa on Christmas Eve, ensuring that children across the world will still wake up to the happiness and cheer of waking up to free stuff. I’m sure St. Nick will appreciate being saved, too.

Here’s the full breakdown of Watch Over Christmas followed by the official trailer:

Watch Over Christmas is a unique Christmassy game that tells the story of a 12-year-old boy, Cisco, who is called upon to save the most beloved holiday of them all. On the night just before Christmas, an unexpected visitor will inform him that Santa has been abducted and that he is the only hope of saving Christmas as we know it. Cisco will jump on a quest through numerous fun and challenging puzzles to preserve the magic of the Holidays.

Watch Over Christmas is a game designed with all the elements of classic point-and-click adventure games with a modern twist. Story-driven, no moon logic puzzles, and beautiful exploration are the key elements that unfold the magic of playing and offer a Christmas experience suitable for all ages. More than 60 stunning hand-drawn backgrounds, an original score, and a special companion are just a few features that complement the game’s atmosphere.

This is a must-have gift for your Holiday stocking today!


• Classic 2D point and click style.

• A unique story within one night, the night before Christmas.

• Fun and challenging mini-game puzzles.

• 60+ beautiful hand-drawn environments.

• Original soundtrack.

Feeling the holiday spirit? You can add Watch Over Christmas to your Steam wishlist here. Or don’t. Do what you want. It’s Christmas.

Thanks for reading!

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