Pre-Registration Now Open For Action RPG “Undecember”

Publisher LINE Games recently announced that the multiplatform action RPG Undecember is now open for global pre-registration on Steam PC and its official website.

Developed by Needs Games, Undecember is a hack and slash fantasy that takes its name from a mythical “thirteenth month”, which brought with it the birth of a dark god named Serpens. According to Needs Games, Undecember is designed with the intent of making a fun game (novel idea), and that while it will be free-to-play, it will not be “pay-to-win.”

Here’s the official breakdown of Undecember from LINE Games:

Set in a dark fantasy world of Traum, players will embark on a journey to stop the Evil God Serpens from resurrecting and slash their ways through fearsome enemy hordes. UNDECEMBER allows players to break free from the traditional RPG class system: players will build and customize their characters in their own playstyles, as they farm and craft wide variety of gears and thousands of Rune skill combinations.

Alongside its campaign mode (Acts), UNDECEMBER will also offer rich multiplayer contents to dive in, including co-op ‘Chaos Dungeon’, ‘Raid’, ‘Spire of Barrier’ (defense mode), ‘Crusade of Glory’ (PvP), and ‘Guild War’ through continuous update.

A free-to-play game, UNDECEMBER will launch with a battle pass offering valuable in-game items, and will present cosmetic items and convenience features that players can choose to purchase. The game will be available for mobile (iOS, AOS) and PC (Steam), with cross-play and controller support, plus optimized user interface for each platform.

Undecember will launch first in South Korea on 13 January, with other markets follow later in early 2022. Players from across the globe can pre-register at the game’s official Steam page and website now.

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