Retro-Inspired Platformer “Swords & Bones” Clashing Soon on Nintendo Switch

“Don’t rattle me Swords & Bones!”

Polish publisher RedDeer.Games recently announced that they will release the retro-inspired platformer Swords & Bones for Nintendo Switch.

Developed by SEEP (a two-man team of brothers) Swords & Bones is designed for the retro gaming aficionado, featuring RPG elements and throwback pixel art aesthetics.

Here’s the official breakdown of Swords & Bones from RedDeer.Games, followed by the latest trailer:

When you feel the shivers under the word “vintage” and the image of your beloved 16-bit console appears in your mind, this is a message that will surely please you.

Packed with crazy action, the dark adventure of Swords & Bones is coming to consoles and will make your heart beat faster!


All kinds of monsters, traps, dangerous obstacles, and powerful bosses, in crazy locations!

Everything you know and love from old classics, enhanced with modern mechanics! It’s a tribute to the classics of retro games. This is a game from real fans for fans.


A dark middle age fantasy world filled with the undead, skeletons, demons is waiting for you.

Collect coins and improve your hero by buying upgrades and power-ups in the shop. Learn new skills and spells to defeat your enemies even more effectively.


Explore the full story and see both different endings. Collect all the hero’s trophies.

Admire the nostalgic pixel graphics and discover all the secrets hidden in a dark world dominated by fear and cruel creatures.


– Over 50 levels, a huge number of enemies, and 6 bosses to defeat!

– Two different story endings!

– Improving the hero and acquiring new skills

– Pixel-art graphics in the 16-bit style which you love!

– Do you remember the golden age of chiptune music from the 80’s / 90’s? Such music will accompany your adventure!

A release date for Swords & Bones has not been confirmed.

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