Co-Op Heist Adventure “The Smugglers” Coming Soon to Steam PC

EON46 recently announced that their co-op heist game The Smugglers is coming to Steam PC later this year (that’s 2022 if you’ve lost track of time – can’t blame ya’).

In The Smugglers, players can choose to take on the role of law enforcement or, of course, criminal smugglers. Naturally, the criminals are hoping to smuggle illicit and dangerous goods, while it’s law enforcement’s duty to shut these operations down. The game promises over 100 weapons and vehicles, in addition to game maps from multiple time periods.

Here’s the official breakdown of The Smugglers from the game’s Steam page, followed by a semi-recent trailer:

You will smuggle goods or protect the law. Assemble a team and take on the role of a cunning smuggler or an honest law enforcement officer once per turn. Compete against an opposing team on one of many boards. Just like in real life, each team has different victory conditions, completely opposite, making you quickly identify with your new role. Will you tactically pursue victory or will you pull out the gun and settle the matter in a rather violent manner? Remember that the decision belongs to the whole group, and you won’t be able to win alone.

Each playthrough begins with smugglers landing in a cargo drop zone, and the law guards are tasked with melting down and stopping the smugglers from making their final escape. Cover your tracks and defend your loot or try to track down and stop the smugglers from escaping. Think your side will always win? Remember that in every gang there will be at least one agent who will certainly mess up the whole game…

You can add The Smugglers to your Steam wishlist here.

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