Sci-Fi Point and Click Adventure “Dexter Stardust” Coming to Nintendo Switch, Steam PC in March

Publisher Flynn’s Arcade has announced that Dexter Stardust will be coming to Nintendo Switch, Steam PC, and iOS on 3 March. Developed by Dexter Team Games, Dexter Stardust is a point and click adventure game in the spirit of the classics. Gamers walk, talk, and interact with their surroundings, collecting various items to solve a variety of puzzles and experience the story of this sci-fi adventure.

Here’s the official breakdown of Dexter Stardust from Flynn’s Arcade, followed by the latest trailer:

Space! Dexter Stardust barely escaped when the Vreesians, inhabitants of the menacing Planet X, sent a fleet of robots to destroy all life on Earth. Now, twenty years later, a mechanical man from the tenth planet wants to communicate a very important message to Dexter: he is the key to saving both humans and Vreesians.

Play with taco-loving Dexter Stardust as he, and his good friend Aurora, embark on the greatest adventure of their lives and uncover the mystery of Planet X’s Robot.


• Classic Adventure Gameplay

• 5 Episodes in One Game

• Fully Voice Acted. All characters, cutscenes, and gameplay are completely voice acted.

• An Adventure for Everyone

Dexter Stardust is scheduled to release on 3 March. For those who act quickly, there will be a special 20% launch discount during the first week. You can add the Dexter Stardust to your Steam wishlist here.

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