Mon Dieu! Superstatic’s “Liberté” is a Lovecraftian Twist on the French Revolution

Developer Superstatic recently announced that their upcoming multiplayer game Liberté is scheduled to release into Steam Early Access on 15 February.

Liberté is a “story-driven, top-down roguelike set in an alternate-history, Lovecraftian version of the French Revolution.” Players engage in a blend of action and deckbuilding mechanics to successfully navigate the horrors of revolutionary Paris.

Here’s the official breakdown of Liberté from Superstatic:

(Liberté’s) core gameplay revolves around a unique combination of fast-paced combat and deckbuilder mechanics, inspired by classics like Slay the Spire. Every time Players venture into the game world, they start out with no abilities or bonuses. With every conquered challenge, they draw a card from their personal decks. By playing cards, they gain skills and talents that work together to create powerful combos.

Liberté launches with over 100 unique cards for Players to collect and assemble into powerful decks.

A story-driven experience.

Liberté begins on a high note, when the coronation of France’s new king is brutally interrupted by the appearance of an otherworldly horror. The event causes the whole city to tumble into anarchy, with four factions vying to use the supernatural cataclysm to seize power.

At the moment of launch, Liberté’s story content takes around 35 hours to complete, with the script containing over 33,000 words. When the game exits Early Access at the end of 2022, Superstatic expects it will take around 60 hours to complete the full story.

Game features a Story Mode, which simplifies the combat and allows narrative-focused players to fully concentrate on the storytelling part.

Key Features

• A unique setting – Revolutionary France mixed with Lovecraftian Horror.

• Mature storyline, with complex, shades-of-gray characters and horror elements.

• 4 Player Local and Online Co-op, with drop-in/drop-out feature. Plays great with couple of friends on a couch and in an all-night record-breaking run with your gaming guild.

• Customizable playstyles – Players unlock and build decks of cards that make their avatars stronger.

• Greatly varied enemies and advanced AI – Trained soldiers fight in formations, Tribesmen protect their Shamans, Rebels use fire to cut off enemies, etc.

Liberté enters Steam Early Access on 15 February. You can add the game to your Steam wishlist here. A console version of Liberté is planned for Q1 2023 (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch).

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