Black Rose Comics Launches “Cerebrum Vol 1” on Indiegogo

On Tuesday, new independent creator David Dominguez of Black Rose Comics launched his first book Cerebrum Vol 1 via Indiegogo.* The 60-page, full color book written by Dominguez, illustrated by Ahjay Cerezo, colored by Carlos Moreno, and lettered by Oliver Lee Arce is intended as the first installment in a multi-book, cyberpunk epic.

Set in the post-apocalyptic city of Cerebrum, two brothers try to make their way in a utopia gone wrong. Crime bosses wage war in the streets. Expensive cybernetic implants help their innocent victims live a semi-normal life, but not without a price. The “Pure”, those fortunate enough to remain unharmed by the carnage, treat the “Damaged” as trash deserving of their fates.

An industrial accident puts Michael in the hospital and leaves Anthony “Damaged”. To help his brother, Anthony dives into the seedy underbelly of Cerebrum with a beautiful disgraced doctor and the mysterious Enigma. Are the crime bosses who they appear to be? How far must Anthony go to protect his brother? Will either of them survive? You will have to back Cerebrum Vol. 1 to find out!

Cerebrum Vol. 1 is $25 with the digital copy included (and a $10 shipping charge for those in the US). So far, the campaign offers two variant covers by Ahjay Cerezo and Joe M. Sontag. You can get either cover separately, save a few bucks by picking up both as part of the featured perk. Five metal prints (of the two covers and art by Nyriam Nowa, El Padrino, and Sean Ahrendt) produced by Phoenix Animation are available as add-ons or stuffed in the Black Label box set, an all-inclusive subscription to the campaign.

You can take a look at some of the sample artwork below, or go here to visit the Cerebrum Vol. 1 Indiegogo campaign page.

*Disclosure: The author of this post assisted Black Rose Comics by proofreading the Cerebrum project.

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