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Review: Rob Arnold’s “Replicator” Issue 3 Drops from Down Under

With shipping delays from Down Under, the third installment of Rob Arnold’s action-packed Replicator series has finally landed in US backers’ hands. I received my perks weeks ago, packaged in the Aussie version of a Gemini mailer and sealed with Arnold’s trademark, black wax embossed logo with a metallic skull. Being new to the series, I backed the featured catch-up

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Black Rose Comics Launches “Cerebrum Vol 1” on Indiegogo

On Tuesday, new independent creator David Dominguez of Black Rose Comics launched his first book Cerebrum Vol 1 via Indiegogo.* The 60-page, full color book written by Dominguez, illustrated by Ahjay Cerezo, colored by Carlos Moreno, and lettered by Oliver Lee Arce is intended as the first installment in a multi-book, cyberpunk epic. Set in the post-apocalyptic city of Cerebrum,

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