Bizarre Platformer “Will You Snail” Coming to PC, Consoles on 9 March

Publisher No Gravity Games recently announced that the unique action game Will You Snail will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and Steam PC on 9 March.

Developed by one-man development team and YouTube personality Jonas Tyroller, Will You Snail is a platforming game where an evil AI can predict your movement, placing traps and obstacles in your way.

Here’s the official breakdown of Will You Snail from No Gravity Games:

Fast-paced precision platforming. AI spawned traps. Cocky voice lines. Combat. Puzzles. Snails. Unicorns. A story about artificial intelligence and a dark secret to uncover.

The evil AI Squid tries to predict your movement a few seconds ahead of time and uses that information in an attempt to stop you from reaching the end of the level. Will you win that intellectual battle or will Squid find yet another reason to make fun of you?

A lot of levels in Will You Snail are relatively empty by default. The challenge comes from the interactions with the evil AI. You can change the difficulty at any time or let the game decide which one is the best one for you.

Solve some easy puzzles to calm down from the action. There are some more difficult puzzles as well, but every single puzzle in Will You Snail is completely optional and can be skipped if you want to.

Find secrets, collect clues and try to piece together where you are and what happened. Will You Snail tells a rather crazy story about artificial intelligence, simulation theory and the future of humanity.


• AI Predictions – AI Squid will try to predict your movement and use that knowledge to your disadvantage.

• Variety Gameplay – Puzzles, Basketball, Tower Defense, lots of variety in a very short amount of time.

• Captivating Story – Uncover the truth about AI, Simulation Theory, and the future of humanity.

• Automatic Difficulty Adjustments – Let Squid adjust the difficulty for you (or decide yourself how much you’d like to suffer)

Will You Snail is scheduled to release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and XBOX and Steam Pc on 9 March.

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