Chinese Folklore-Inspired RPG “Daomei Village” Coming Soon to Steam

Developer Gameparic recently announced that their Chinese folklore-inspired RPG Daomei Village is coming soon to Steam PC. Featuring a throwback pixelated aesthetic, Daomei Village puts players in the role of a criminal who has found himself on the wrong side of the Emperor, but you’re given a chance to redeem yourself… if you play your cards right.

Here’s the official breakdown of Daomei Village from Gameparic followed by the latest trailer:

Daomei Village is a lot more than a simple game. It’s a story about changing your life. For your crimes, the Emperor has sent you to Daomei Village. From there you have to rebuild your settlement from scratch – gain the trust of other villagers as you help them with everyday life. Repair their houses, build new ones, cultivate the fields and protect the village.

By the order of the Emperor, you have to restore the village to its former glory. But it is not an easy task. You lack everything. Tools, people, and most of all – money. Besides restoring the village you will have to pay your taxes – you can’t make any more mistakes. One bad move can further enrage the Emperor! But if you will make him happy then – step by step – you will once more gain his trust. And as you gain it, he will let you travel to other regions to learn about them and gain new technologies which will help you in your tasks.

Daomei Village is coming soon to Steam PC. A demo of the game is expected to release sometime in 2022.

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