Atari Unveils Puzzle Platformer “Kombinera” for PC, Consoles, Mobile

Atari recently announced that a new puzzle-platformer Kombinera for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbone, SeXbox, Atari VCS, Steam PC and mobile platforms.

Developed by Graphite Lab, Kombinera is described as featuring “Juicy animation, clever storytelling, and memorable puzzles.”

Here’s the official breakdown of Kombinera from Atari, followed by the latest trailer:

Kombinera is a new IP from Atari that seeks to carve out its own place among the very best puzzle-platformers on the market. The phrase “the ball is in your court” has never been so literal! The game sees players take control of multiple colored balls — simultaneously and each with their own distinct abilities — while navigating through over 300 increasingly perilous environments and puzzles. All of the balls move in unison, avoiding obstacles like tricky barriers and spikey walls requires intense concentration and brain-taxing problem-solving.

Combine, Progress, Win!: A level is completed once every ball is combined into one, but getting there isn’t as easy as it sounds! Leverage each colored ball’s special abilities wisely and remember: as you progress through each chapter, the more obstacles you’ll overcome. Hazardous environments create tricky scenarios that will require strategic thinking and varying perspectives.

Special Properties (and Priorities): Each colored ball interacts in a special way with obstacles of the corresponding color. This gives each unique advantages and resistances when traversing a level, forcing you to decide which color combinations you should prioritize.

Kombinera is currently scheduled to release in April 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbone, SeXbox, Atari VCS, Steam PC, iOS and Android. You can add Kombinera to your Steam wishlist here.

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