Sci-Fi Survival Horror Game “Syndrome” Coming to Nintendo Switch on 11 March

Publisher recently announced that the upcoming survival horror game Syndrome is scheduled to release on 11 March for Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Camel 101, Syndrome is a sci-fi twist on terror in the vein of Alien. Players must brave an abandoned spaceship and learn the horrific truth of what happened to the ship’s crew.

Here’s the official breakdown of Syndrome from RedDeer:


Something from the deepest of space has targeted the spaceship you wake up on. The crew of the spacecraft was attacked and systematically captured. The station seems to be abandoned and you are alone.


Primordial evil lurks in the shadows and will not swell until one of the crew is alive. The enemy has an advantage in numbers and strength, there is little ammunition on the ship … Be a shadow they will not notice.


Stay sane and don’t let the panic that comes to the fore in your mind overwhelm you. Survive, discover what attacked your spaceship, and reveal the secrets behind the disappearance of your crew.


• THE SHADOW IS YOUR ALLY – Be careful! Your ammunition is limited, use it wisely. Better stay out of the way and hide from the eyes of your enemies.

• THEY ARE PREDATORS – Be silent and invisible. The enemies are waiting for your every mistake.

• DARKLY AND DEADLY DANGEROUS – The heavy atmosphere of the dark, rundown corridors of the space station. Explore the maze and find the exit from it. And discover the mystery behind a seemingly simple but tragically ended mission.

• A MENTAL TEST OF SURVIVAL – Your senses will start to confuse you, do not trust everything you hear and see. Your mind will become one of your weaknesses.

Syndrome will be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop this Friday, 11 March.

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