Tentacle Soft’s “Super Nanaru” Coming to Nintendo Switch, Steam PC on 24 March

Game publisher CFK recently announced that 2D side-scroller Super Nanaru is scheduled to release on 24 March for Nintendo Switch and Steam PC.

In Super Nanaru, players take control of a “baker girl” named Nanaru as she confronts the devil girl Yako who has stolen the town’s bread. All of it. Even sourdough? All. Of. It.

Here is the official breakdown of Super Nanaru from CFK and the game’s developer Tentacle Soft, followed by the latest trailer:

After breaking out of the seal, the troublesome devil “Yako” wreaks another havoc in town by brainwashing people with her hypnotic spell!

Soon, the baker girl “Nanaru” sees her entire stock of bread raided by Yako’s mob……

“I can’t just stand here and do nothing! I’ll take back my bread from that devil!” Here comes Nanaru, to chase Yako and teach her a lesson!

● Baker Girl’s Grand Battle Against the Devil

As the baker girl “Nanaru”, the player embarks on an adventure to take back stolen bread from Yako. They will travel various areas of town and face a number of creative obstacles that are waiting for the player’s challenge.

The game features simple controls and intuitive gameplay, leading the player to try and try until they overcome what stands before them. Anyone is welcome for a challenge as in-game checkpoints encourage both beginners and hardcore gamers to continue on the journey.

(Even if they fail, gamers can try again from the last checkpoint.)

● Uniquely Themed and Action-packed Stages

The player will not only run and jump, but also use a variety of unique stage objects for many different controls such as dash and traveling up and down. Find out how to use these objects to journey safely through each part of town.

● Save Bosses from Yako’s Hypnotic Spell

Possessed by Yako, the bosses are causing their own ruckus in town. The player must use Nanaru’s jump skills to survive the bosses’ fierce attack patterns. Help the baker girl battle her way to save them from Yako’s evil spell!

● Bonus Content, Bonus Fun

Golden leaves collected in the adventure can be used to unlock bonus items, such as adorable “Ggoma(kindergarten) Nanaru” and shield-casting “Witch” costumes. The player may be able to clear stages in a little different way, if they use the costumes’ special abilities.

Super Nanaru will be available on 24 March for Nintendo Switch and Steam PC. You can pre-purchase the game now via each platform’s digital storefront. For those who jump in early, there is a special 10% launch discount for a limited time.

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