“Chronicles of Faith: David” Aims to Slay Giants on Indiegogo (Crowdfunding Spotlight)

Okay, so this is a weird one…

Not because the crowdfunding campaign for Chronicles of Faith: David Issue 2 is a religious book. No, it’s weird because the campaign is titled and raising money for “Issue 2”, but the rewards include issues 0 and 1, not issue 2.

You see, the work on issues 0 and 1 is already finished, and both Brainy Pixel Productions and Mercy Ways Studios are using the sales of these books to finance the production costs of issue 2, which will likely be available for purchase in the future.

Here’s the official plot synopsis taken from the Chronicles of Faith: David Indiegogo campaign page:

David’s story is ubiquitous. The underdog vs. the giant. But it goes much deeper than that. David’s story is one of a human man who had faults, but who also had faith in God. When he was on top, he praised God in love and obedience and when he was at his lowest, he sought God’s face in repentance and humbleness.

He knew that it was never about him, but instead, about God…and that’s why he was called “a man after God’s own heart”.

This is the story we’ve set out to tell. The ENTIRE story of David, from beginning to end…and we’re bringing every skill we posses to the table.

Backers can get a digital copy of Chronicles of Faith: David Issue Zero for $5, which also comes with a “digital token” of young David. For $10, you add a digital version of issue 1, as well as another digital token of King David, and both a cell phone and desktop wallpaper. If you have more money to contribute, you can also receive the following:

  • Coloring E-Book versions of Issue 0 and Issue 1
  • Multiple E-Posters, including a personalized one
  • A digital sketchbook
  • Access to the scripts for issues 0-2
  • A digital token of Samuel
  • Additional cell phone and desktop wallpapers
  • 3D .STL files for both a David and Goliath mini statue
  • Producer credit on issue 2
  • The chance to have your likeness drawn into issue 2
  • Access to multiple online meetings, including a Zoom hangout with the creative team, a production meeting, a comic story class, and a Bible Study

Can your contribution be considered a tithe? I’d say “No”, but I’m not a priest, so ask your own personal spiritual leader on that one.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Chronicles of Faith: David Indiegogo campaign page here.

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