New Trailer for Sci-Fi Adventure “Ultreïa”; Coming to Switch on 25 March

RedDeer.Games recently revealed a new trailer for Ultreïa an adventure game coming to the Nintendo Switch on 25 March. Inspired by Grim Fandango and Machinarium, Ultreïa is the first game created by Belgian developer Olivier De Rop.

In Ultreïa, players take control of a tiny robot in a sweet-yet-dark world in search of the meaning of life.

Here’s the official breakdown of Ultreïa from RedDeer.Games, followed by the new trailer:

A little robot Nymo, fuelled by a great loss, becomes a pilgrim and decides to cross a wild world to find the meaning of life and death. He also has a mysterious goal : to avenge his father’s death.


Ultreïa is a mystical world populated by robots. Underneath the skin of the landscape are caves filled by huge creatures living in the darkness. The journey will take Nymo through the large and phantasmagoric city of Mount St-Troy, to space, and beyond.


Grid-based inventory, with three main actions : Use/Take, Talk and Speak to. Use your wit, the objects around you, and a bit of creativity, to solve many logical puzzles, adventure quests and brain-teasers.


Every robot has their own unique language, according to their functions and personality.


Inspired by the sweet darkness of Grim Fandango and the ambiance of Machinarium

• About 4 – 5 hours to complete the game

More than 50 locations to discover and explore

• Over 20 non-playable characters

• Over 1000 lines of dialogue

Unique art and sound design

A beautiful original soundtrack by Yann Latour

Ultreïa will be released for Nintendo Switch on Friday, 25 March.

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