Stylish Adventure Platformer “Faerie Afterlight” Coming to Steam PC this Summer

On Thursday, publisher Mastiff announced that the stylish adventure game Faerie Afterlight is coming to Steam PC sometime this summer.

The very first project by Indonesian developer Clay Game Studio, Faerie Afterlight features a striking visual aesthetic to create surreal environments.

Here’s the official breakdown of Faerie Afterlight from Mastiff, followed by the latest trailer:

In Faerie Afterlight, the player controls Kimo and Wispy – a lonely creature from the depths and a young fairy– who must traverse the wistful world of Lumina to gather missing beams of light and save the world from unending darkness. While exploring hidden ruins and facing frightening enemies, the unlikely duo finds warmth in unexpected places and even more unexpected allies! Faerie Afterlight is a Metroidvania at heart – with level design that encourages exploration and repeated visits. This beautiful, stylized platformer boasts tight controls, rich story elements, and a moving soundtrack that will transport players to a world unlike any other.

Key Features

Manipulate Your Environment: Experience Wispy’s ability to move walls and platforms.

Grow Stronger: Jump walls with Spider Legs and dash with Beetle Horns as Kimo – who gains abilities from picking up parts of defeated bosses.

Friend or Foe? When faced with a terrifying enemy, either fight or make a friend!

Myriad Terrains: Hidden doors, secret nooks, and covered passages abound in a vast world filled with shadowed forests, cerulean seas, and graceful ruins.

• Purchase items for health and energy from merchants all across Lumina.

Faerie Afterlight is coming to Steam PC later this summer. You can add Faerie Afterlight to your Steam wishlist here.

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