Retro-Inspired FPS “CARNAL” Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch

On Wednesday, indie game publisher Tendokore announced that the retro-inspired FPS CARNAL is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch following its release on Steam PC last year.

Developed by MercySoft, CARNAL is designed not only for the avid retro aficionado, but it’s also strictly intended for a mature audience.

Here’s the official breakdown of CARNAL from Tendokore:

CARNAL is a fast and challenging retro FPS straight from the mid-’90s. Combat the possessed soldiers, the manifested demons helping them, and any inanimate objects standing in your way!

Mixing classic FPS action with an unsettling horror atmosphere, every episode and unique level will keep you on the edge.

As a chad member of the Realm Defense Force, take on the terror organization known as the Sons of Anak, who have opened portals to the “other side” throughout the city of Seed Valley. Once there they plan to extract Dark Matter in order to build weapons of mass destruction.

Destroy their soldiers and operations, as well as any “other” hostile entities that plan on stopping you.

Be warned: the world looks a lot different on the “other side”, and it also probably smells bad.


• 3 Episodes with 17 total missions

• Diverse human and monster enemies that will murder you

• Various guns that are harmful to your health

• Keycards, swimming, secrets, and pick-ups

• Several unique boss enemies to ruin your pace

• Unique retro art style

• An archaic Extra Lives system that keeps you going

• Terrible/offensive humor and game design

• An atmosphere and feel unearthed from 1996

CARNAL is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. Release date and pricing details have yet to be confirmed.

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