Grappling Hook Platformer “Raven’s Hike” Swinging To Consoles on 28 April

Everything is better with grappling hooks.

On Monday, publisher QUByte Interactive announced that the new 2D platformer Raven’s Hike will be available on the PS4, PS5, Xbone, SeXbox and Nintendo Switch on 28 April.

Developed by Wired Dream Studio, Raven’s Hike features a retro-inspired pixel art aesthetic and requires players to progress through a set of puzzle-filled stages using only a trusty grappling hook. That’s right – no jumping. No walking. No high-sticking.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Raven’s Hike from QUByte, followed by the latest trailer:

You’ll have to avoid all the obstacles, traps and enemies on your way, and the grappling hook is your best ally for this.

Prepare your platform skills (and your grappling hook, of course) to enjoy this amazing experience.

Game Features

• +60 handmade levels

• Unique gameplay mechanics

• Offers a fair challenge for the platformer enthusiasts

• Amazing pixel art and animation

• Great soundtrack

Raven’s Hike will be available on 28 April 28th for PS4, PS5, Xbone, SeXbox and Nintendo Switch on 28 April for the wallet-friendly price of $3.99.

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