Indie Zombie Shooter “BITGUN” Now on Steam PC

On Friday, two-person developer LogLogGames officially released BITGUN on Steam PC. Truth be told, the two devs at LogLogGames are a married couple (d’awww!) who have grown closer thanks to their love… of shooting pixelated zombies in the face!

That’s because BITGUN is a retro-inspired overhead shooter with plenty of blood and zombie heads to blow straight to Sheol.

Here’s the official breakdown of BITGUN from LogLogGames:

BITGUN is a top-down shooter with lots of blood and guns. Go on missions and kill hordes of zombies. Guns break quickly, make sure you bring enough … but not too many because if you die, you’ll lose everything. Dodge zombies jumping at you or crawling out of the ground and fight your way towards the zombie boss.


• Hordes of zombies to kill – regular zombies, slow zombies, ranged zombies, exploding zombies, zombie spiders, zombie bosses, you name it!
• A LOT of blood everywhere! Are you lost? Just follow your blood trail!
• Guns to loot, guns to upgrade, guns to repair!
• Really punishing and challenging gameplay – you lose all your gear when you die.
• Random stats for weapons and enemies.
• Jumpy AI.
• Retro hand drawn pixel-art look with cutscenes and comics.

BITGUN is now available on Steam PC.

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