Retro Arcade-Style Shooter “Galacticon” Coming to Nintendo Switch, Steam PC on 22 May

Publisher Flynn’s Arcade recently announced that the retro-inspired space shooter Galacticon is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Steam PC on 22 May.

Developed by Radin Games, Galacticon aims to recapture the spirit of 80s arcade classics like Defender with some additional mechanics and updated visual flare. Plus this time, the humans are the bad guys, which I think makes Radin Games “species traitors,” right?

Here’s the official breakdown of Galacticon from Flynn’s Arcade:

Galacticon is a video game with the look and feel of the arcade machines of the early 80’s in the style of the Williams classics: “Defender” or “Joust”, with the gameplay of the legendary “Jetpac”, and with touches of “puzzle” to get more points and enter your score in the local table of high scores or even in the world table of records.


• World high score table through QR code reading. CASH PRIZE FOR BEST SCORE!!
• Incredible gameplay.
• Direct and frenetic action.
• Aesthetics of 8 bits.
• Infinite levels with a progressive difficulty curve.
• Extremely precise and smooth control.
• Easy to play… difficult to master.
• Optimized for arcade machines and arcade controllers.
• Secret Bonus in each level.

Galacticon is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam PC on 22 May.

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