2D Platformer “Smilemo” Coming to Steam PC on 20 May

Game publisher CFK recently announced that 2D action game Smilemo is scheduled for release for Steam PC on 20 May.

Developed by REXECHO, Smilemo is a side-scrolling platformer where players take control of the last surviving emoji struggling to survive a brutal computer virus.

Here is the official breakdown of Smilemo from CFK:

Smilemo is an action game set in a computer world stricken by an unexpected virus infection. Players will become our smiling protagonist Smilemo, the last surviving emoji, and be sent on an adventure where they collect the pieces of vaccine code from various storage sites to combat the virus.

This virus creates unique symptoms as it litters these sites with obstacles that block Smilemo’s progress forward and send him careening out of control at the slightest touch. These obstacles will test the player’s agility, reflexes, and satisfy that urge for a challenge as players use various movement techniques to dart through the different stages.


• Run, jump, climb walls, and air dash! Enjoy the smooth controls as you zoom through a variety of action-based challenges!

• Defeat this unique virus that causes you to bounce out of control at the slightest touch!

• If you do fail, you can restart at the nearest checkpoint!

• Eliminate the virus by collecting the pieces of vaccine code scattered across the stage!

• Survive an intense boss battle! Avoid the boss’s attacks and survive to the end to launch your counterattack!

Can you overcome the various obstacles, restore the vaccine code, and bring back peace to the computer world? Smilemo’s spectacular adventure begins now!

Smilemo is scheduled to release for Steam PC on 20 May.

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