No, “Blow & Fly” Is Not a Mile-High Club Simulator

Smells like fish, flies like chicken?

On Tuesday, Khud0 announced that physics-based puzzler Blow & Fly is now available for Steam PC. In Blow & Fly, players assume the role of a blowfish out of water, who must use his air-puffing ability to return to aquatic safety.

Here’s the official breakdown of Blow & Fly from Khud0:

Blow & Fly is a physics-based puzzle game in which you move and aim at the same time. Your owner’s naughty son destroyed your aquarium, and now you’re desperately in need of water! Roll and use what little liquid is left on the floor to propel yourself around hazards such as pitfalls or spikes. Make good use of jump pads, gravity switches, keys, and water drops to reach the safe haven — a toilet bowl that might save your life, or flush you down into far more challenging realms!


Accessible Controls: the game’s simple “move & aim” controls are intuitive and easy to grasp for players of all skill levels.
Over 70 Levels to Conquer: challenge your fish launching skills with over 70 puzzles of gradually increasing difficulty across 3 different environments.
Discover Secrets: find hidden locations to reveal secret areas and new levels which turn the game’s mechanics on their head.
Unlock new Playable Fish: those who take on the extra challenges will be rewarded with new visuals for their in-game character.
Collect all the Pearls: complete levels within a certain number of launches to be awarded a pearl. Can you obtain all of them?
Something for Everyone: “Blow & Fly” has something for everyone, including speedrunners, achievement hunters and completionists.

Blow & Fly is now available for Steam PC.

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