Color-Switching Shoot ‘Em Up “REPULSOR” Coming to Steam PC on 19 May

German developer Toitan recently announced that their first game REPULSOR is set to arrive on Steam PC on 19 May. Inspired by retro arcade games, REPULSOR is a 360-degree shoot ’em up featuring a color-switching gameplay mechanic similar to Ikaruga (sort of).

Here’s the official breakdown of REPULSOR from Toitan:

Mankind is on the brink of extinction, the sun fades and loses its power. You are the REPULSOR, life’s last hope! It is your mission to ignite the Icosphere, an artificial star built to guarantee the survival of life in the galaxy.

To prevent the Icosphere from imploding, the core must be protected from invading Bozons at all costs.


Change your polarity to destroy incoming enemies with bullets of opposing color.

Raise your multiplier to evolve your weapon system and highscore. The multiplier increases automatically but decreases if the core gets hit.

Fail to protect the core and it grows leaving you with less time to react. Fill your Nova Gauge by collecting Power-Ups and destroying enemies to unleash a screen-clearing Supernova. The Supernova blasts off all on-screen enemies and helps shrinking the core back to its original size. Risk keeping the Nova Gauge filled and gain an enormous highscore boost.


• Classic Arcade Mode featuring 3 Difficulty Levels

• Unlockable Challenges

• Various Endless Modes

• Play every Mode either alone or in 2-Player Coop

• Face Worldwide Competition via Steam Leaderboards

• Achievements

• Ultra Widescreen Support

• 4K Resolution

• Optimized for Controller Input

• Supported Languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian)

REPULSOR is scheduled to release on 19 May for Steam PC. If you pick up the game during launch week, you’ll get a special 17% discount.

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