Retro-Inspired 3D Platformer “Lunistice” Coming this Fall to Nintendo Switch and PC

DECK13 recently announced that the upcoming 3D platformer Lunistice is scheduled to release on 2 September for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Developed by A Grumpy Fox, Lunistice is inspired by the 32-bit platformers of the 1990s like those in the SEGA Saturn and the original Playstation.

Here’s the official breakdown of Lunistice from DECK13, followed by a trailer showcasing some of the game’s worlds:

This is the true story of how Lunistice came to life. Originally, the game started out as a 2D Platformer, made in Game Maker. With speedrunning mechanics as the main focus. Development was coming along slowly but the developer was close to Deck13, so the publisher signed the game. A Grumpy Fox was not happy with the concept anymore and restarted the project, using the Godot Engine to make Lunistice a retro 3D Rail Shooter inspired by the N64 era. That’s when Deck13 hired th developer as a full time employee. Godot however did not work that well with 3D at that time, so the developer switched to Unity. Last year, in 2021, in a phase of a creative downtime, A Grumpy Fox started a challlenge: Develop a smaller game in 30 days (and release it within the next 30 days). Of course, things escalated quickly and it took a bit longer in the end. The game was called Eversleep at that time, that should be noted.

Due to multiple other releases and projects, development worked out pretty well in the first 30 days but stagnated slightly afterwards. Whenever there was time, it continued. And now, one year later, Eversleep is no more. Eversleep is now Lunistice. And Lunistice itself is a 3D Platformer with speedrunning mechanics. And it will be released in September. Don’t expect a massive game but a fun experience with a strong focus on fluent gameplay and with cute visuals. Future titles of the Franchise might also include mechanics of previous iterations of Lunistice.


• It’s really affordable!
• Experience 7 different dreams!
• Test your skills in the included Speedrun Mode and play as characters from other games!
• …and enjoy the good vibes and retro AESTHETICS

Lunistice is scheduled to release on 2 September for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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