Card-Battling Adventure “Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition” Now on Nintendo Switch

Indie game developer Gambrinous has officially launched Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Guild of Dungeoneering is a card-battling, fantasy dungeon crawler, while this Ultimate Edition is described as a “major remaster of the original game”, boasting new quests, monsters, classes, weapons and loot. Plus, all of the DLC is bundled together in this Nintendo Switch version.

Here’s the official breakdown of Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition from Gambrinous:

Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition is the turn-based dungeon crawler with a twist – instead of controlling the hero, players build the dungeon around them. Using cards drawn from their guild decks players lay down rooms, monsters, traps and (of course) loot. All of this is dressed in a hugely nostalgic ‘pen & paper’ art style, influenced by classic 1980s and 90s tabletop RPGs (plus games the devs made as kids!).

Led by Colm Larkin and Fred Mangan, Gambrinous is an indie studio based in Dublin, Ireland. Known for Guild of Dungeoneering and Cardpocalypse, Gambrinous makes games inspired by the wonder of tabletop & board games.

Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, The Epic Games Store and

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