Little Neuron’s Shooter-Adventure “Robo Legend” Coming to Steam This Fall

On Tuesday, independent game developer Little Neuron announced that its maiden title, Robo Legend, is expected to be released in Fall 2022 for Steam PC.

Robo Legend is a twin-stick shooter that incorporates RPG mechanics. Players determine the outcome of the story by choosing whether to protect Gear Town from VoidBot’s hordes of evil robots or “become a tyrant yourself.”

Here is the official breakdown of Robo Legend from Little Neuron, followed by the latest trailer:


Play as Robo, a mercenary robot mysteriously kidnapped to help Gear Town. Throughout your adventure, make decisions to save Gear Town and become the long-awaited hero, or choose to become its absolute master.


Fight your way through the hordes of evil robots deployed by VoidBot. Travel the world’s varied environments and upgrade your weapons and equipment. Swim through swamps, explore dungeons, ski on ice, solve puzzles and mini-games, survive in the wastelands and face many challenges.

Your choices determine your fate and the fate of Gear Town. Bring calm to the town or take control of it. In Gear Town, be ready to follow the most eccentric robots and complete quests to help them, or not.

Get into the heart of Robo Legend and write your legend.


Good or evil. Choose your side and protect Gear Town and its people or enslave them.
Ten different endings for maximum replayability. Your choices as you progress decide the story. Tailor your decisions to Voidbot’s varying and malevolent motivations.
A vast and varied world. Explore seven main environments and discover hidden areas.
Discover Gear Town, a charming Wild West town ruled by colorful robots.
Over 25 quests to complete. Complete your journey by completing main and side quests with the locals.
Obtain new weapons and equipment. Through combat and exploration, you’ll earn additional weapons, armor and parts to upgrade Robo.
Choose your difficulty. From easy to very difficult, adjust the level of challenge to suit your mood.
Fishing mini-game. An intuitive fishing experience with fish robots and drone spears.
Rockin’ and furious soundtrack. Perfect for pulverizing evil robots.
A combat simulator to blow up robots freely and at will.

Robo Legend is expected to released this Fall 2022 for Steam PC.

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