Fantasy RPG “Worth Life” Coming to Nintendo Switch in July

On Monday, Hakama Inc. announced that their upcoming fantasy RPG title Worth Life is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 14 July. Along with a unique 2D perspective, Worth Life combines aspects of town-building and farming simulators with other RPG mechanics, all with a cute, colorful visual aesthetic.

Here’s the official breakdown of Worth Life from Hakama, followed by the latest trailer:

Two seasoned professionals of the farming and life simulation genre—producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto and artist Igusa Matsuyama—have come together to create WORTH LIFE, a side-scrolling fantasy RPG. Playing as one of 30 individuals summoned by the king, WORTH LIFE sees you set off on a journey to save the kingdom from a terrible fate. During your quest, you’ll be able to raise crops on vacant lots you come across, and build houses for people in need. You’ll even be able to take up your sword and bow to face off against monsters. Forge your own path to restoring prosperity and happiness to the kingdom!

Play your way!

Choose your character’s look and then start exploring! You can switch your appearance anytime you want!

Curiosity sparks new possibilities! Welcome to the Spark System!

As you journey through the kingdom, you will encounter a host of colorful characters and unique experiences.

Check out things that catch your eye to trigger a “Spark” and unlock a new skill.

Spark new skills during your quest!

You can spark all manner of handy skills as you battle monsters and travel across the land.

Find vacant lots and use them any way you want!

Acquire unused lots you stumble across while on your journey. You’re free to choose how to use the lots! Till the land and grow crops, dig out a fishing pond, or build a house to rent to townspeople!


Cultivate the land and raise crops!


Press the button at just the right moment to reel in the big one!


Build a house and rent it out to needy townspeople! Who knows? They might give you something in return!

Choose your difficulty level!

You can choose from three difficulty levels when starting the game: Normal, Hard, and Master. Monsters have significantly higher HP and attack power in Hard and Master, so pick a level that suits your playstyle.

If Normal mode leaves you longing for more of a challenge, up the game difficulty level to Hard or Master to take on tougher opponents!

Worth Life will be available on Nintendo Switch on 14 July. Preorders begin on 7 July via the Nintendo eShop, and early adopters can get a special launch-window discount of 20% off until 27 July 27.

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