Eric July’s “Rippaverse” Campaign Ends First Week with More Than $2.6 Million

After just a single week of crowdfunding, Eric July’s Isom issue 1 has already amassed more than $2.6 million. This makes Isom the most successful crowdfunded comic book project in history, and there’s still more than 60 days left in the campaign. What’s even more impressive is that this total was reached without the help of a middle-man crowdfunding site like Indiegogo or Kickstarter, as July is running the campaign on his own dedicated website (here).

Written by July and featuring illustrations by Cliff Richards, colors by Gabe Eltaeb, and lettering by the prolific Eric Weathers, Isom is intended as the first comic book in a shared superhero universe known as the “Rippaverse” (named after July’s YouTube moniker: YoungRippa59).

Despite the great enthusiasm for Isom and the larger Rippaverse project, this level of success has brought a few challenges with it. First, the larger volume of orders means that fulfillment could begin slightly later than expected, with the date looking to be closer to “late August/early September” than a strong “August”, as originally projected. The amount of web traffic on the Rippaverse crowdfunding website has also made accessing the site unreliable for some backers, so July has extended the availability of several of the campaign’s more limited items. This will affect the availability of a few limited bundles planned for down the line, but it also ensures that everyone has a chance to buy in and get the items they want.

Eric July gave a weekly update to backers and followers of the Isom campaign via YouTube, and you can check out his update video below.

Congratulations again to Eric July and everyone of the Rippaverse team for the ongoing success of the Isom campaign.

You can check out The Splintering’s previous coverage of Isom and Eric July’ Rippaverse here, and you can visit the project’s crowdfunding page here.

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