Retro-Inspired Stealth Game “Boney’s Research on Humans!” Coming to Steam PC on 17 August

On Wednesday, independent developer CarlosMakesGames announced that Boney’s Research On Humans! is planned to release on 17 August via Steam PC.

Boney’s Research On Humans! is a retro-inspired stealth game that emphasizes collecting data over action. Playing as the titular non-living journalist Boney, players will take photographs and collect research to bring back to Monsternett, thereby proving the existence of the horrible human menace to your fellow monsters.

Here’s the official breakdown of Boney’s Research On Humans! from CarlosMakesGames:

“Boney’s research on humans” is a stealth top down game set in the universe of “Humans took my neighbors” .

In it you’ll sneak around as Boney through 8 levels in the human world as he studies these strange creatures and finds his way home collecting evidence of the human menace.

Key Features of Boney’s Research On Humans:

8 different levels each with different enemies to photograph and make research about.

• Handcrafted levels that will test your stealthy skills.

• Spooky and vibrant handmade pixel art.

• Unlock 8 costumes each with their own properties and even secret modes.

• Different ways to navigate levels hiding in different objects, crawling to be sneakier or distracting enemies with the Dooter.

• Leaderboard for different modes allowing you to compete to be the best skeleton journalist.

• Art by Carlos Garza and Casey Atkins, music by Film Theory’ Carf Darko.

Boney’s Research on Humans! is currently scheduled to release on Steam PC on 17 August. You can add it to your Steam wishlist now.

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