Repel Vampire Hunters and Choose the Perfect Red Drapes in “Dracula’s Castle”

Have you ever played a Castlevania game and thought, “I wonder who is Dracula’s decorator?” Thanks to developer Astirian-Rae Games and publisher Gameparic, it could be you!

Okay, it’s more complicated than that, but Dracula’s Castle is coming soon to Steam PC, nonetheless. Dracula’s Castle gives players the chance to recruit underlings, defend your home from pitchfork-wielding mobs, and of course, manage and expand Dracula’s dark abode.

Here’s the official breakdown of Dracula’s Castle from Gameparic:

Dracula’s Castle invites you to play as the infamous ruler of Wallachia, the Vampire King, Count Dracula! Manage the Transylvanian noble’s dark domain by recruiting minions and expanding the castle.

Manage the castle by expanding it, then build and unlock new rooms granting new mechanics to explore. The Alchemist will allow you to equip Dracula with mystical tools, and unlock the bat cave to improve Dracula’s Mist Form.

Grow Dracula’s power the way you want to. Dracula possesses different attributes such as Power, Cunning, Speed, Charm, and Magick. Choose which ones to train and equip the right relics for your build.

Engage angry mobs, town militia, and even dedicated vampire hunters in exciting tactical turn-based combat. Leverage Dracula’s powerful abilities and forms to outwit and overwhelm the enemy.

No release has been confirmed yet, but you can add Dracula’s Castle to your Steam wishlist now.

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