Free Prologue for “Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home” Coming to Steam PC

The 2.5D platformer Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home is slated for a release this Fall for both Nintendo Switch and Steam PC. However, for those who are eager to try the game out, there will be a free demo available exclusively on Steam titled Space Tail: Lost in The Sands.

In Space Tail, players take control of Bea, a cosmos-traveling dog who ventures between multiple planets while solving puzzles and seeking out space kibble.

Okay, I made up the last part.

Here’s the official breakdown of Space Tail, followed by the latest trailer:


Few people know that the first animal in space was a fruit fly sent by humans for research – that’s a fact. Many others have paid the highest price for the trip…

In “Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home” Bea is the only pet survivor. Now lonely and lost, she is on her own. Whether her journey will end with a happy return home, you will be able to find out in the game this fall.


Each journey brings new sensations, experiences, and acquaintances. During her wandering, Bea will discover new planets that no earthly creature has ever seen.

Each of them is different, with peculiar properties, each of them being both a challenge and a danger. She will find space friends who will help her survive and move on. Although not all creatures will be amicable…

And all this will be known through her sensitive canine senses that will help her “sniff out” the way to her beloved home.

Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home is coming to Steam PC and Nintendo Switch later this Fall. The free prologue Lost in The Sands is coming to Steam PC on 12 August.

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