Classic Shoot ‘Em Up “Radiant Silvergun” Now on Nintendo Switch

With all of the Zelda, Pikmin and Goldeneye news during Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct, you could perhaps be forgiven if you missed out on some sweet retro shoot ‘em up news… perhaps.

The vertical-scrolling 2D classic Radiant Silvergun is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Originally developed by Treasure for the SEGA Saturn, Radiant Silvergun is credited as being one of the pioneering games in the “bullet-hell” sub-genre of shooters. Players can rack up their score by strategically eliminating enemies of a particular color (those colors being blue, red and yellow, if you were chomping at the bit to “cancel” a decades-old game).

This new release is ported to the Switch by Live Wire Inc, and includes a few extra touches over previous versions of the game.

Here’s the official breakdown of Radiant Silvergun from Live Wire, followed by a trailer for the game:

“Radiant Silvergun” now available on NintendoSwitch!

The shooting game “Radiant Silvergun”, which has received high praise for its strategy and score system. Which uses 8 types of weapons to advance strategy, is now available on Nintendo Switch for the first time!

You can enjoy 5 levels of difficulty settings. Story mode newly added from the arcade version and an online ranking where you can compete with rivals around the world for scores.

There is also an Ikaruga mode where you can enjoy the game rules of the shooting game “Ikaruga” released as the second “ProjectRS”.

Radiant Silvergun is available now for Nintendo Switch via the eShop.

As a related anecdote, back in the days when I worked as a video game peddler for Toys R Us, one of my colleagues told me that he scored an original Saturn copy of Radiant Silvergun on eBay for less than $50 because the seller mistakenly listed it as Radiant Silverstar. It’s worth roughly $250 nowadays. Sucks to suck.

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