“Formula Retro Racing: World Tour” Coming to Consoles in December

Developers Repixel8 and CGA Studio Games recently announced that Formula Retro Racing: World Tour is coming to the Xbone, SeXbox Series S | X, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch on 14 December.

As the latest entry in the Formula Retro Racing series, World Tour combines classic arcade-style gameplay with a low-polygon visual aesthetic to create a neo-retro, 90s-style racing experience.

Here’s the official breakdown of Formula Retro Racing: World Tour from the developers, followed by the latest trailer:

Race through iconic locations in this 90s-style arcade racer with crisp visuals, realistic driving physics and split-screen multiplayer.

Players will race across 8 new landmark-filled cities, including Tokyo, Paris and London. Multiple vehicle types are the biggest new addition in World Tour. Master the art of kissing the apex, as players get to grips with World Tour’s high-performance, muscle and standard race cars. Each one brings its own benefits and challenges to the track, and its up to players to find what works best for them.

Formula Retro Racing: World Tour features crisp low-poly HD visuals running at 60fps, 4-player split-screen multiplayer, online leaderboards and classic checkpoint racing. Realistic destruction physics provide a sense of authenticity, alongside snappy car handling that places you at the heart of the action.

Inspired by the likes of Virtua Racing, Ridge Racer and Sega Rally, this retro-inspired racer mixes the thrill of arcade racing with modern game design elements. Racing purists, and new fans alike, can pick up and play Formula Retro Racing: World Tour due to its focus on simplicity. However, deeper mechanics like slipstreams and varied handling across different car types provide endless hours of replayability in the chase for the very best lap times.

Formula Retro Racing: World Tour is scheduled to release on 14 December for Xbone, SeXbox, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

A Steam PC version is expected to follow sometime in early 2023, though a playable demo will launch on Steam in tandem with the game’s appearance at EGX 2022 from 22-25 September.

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