A Humble Farmer Becomes the “One True Hero” This October

Publisher No Gravity Games recently announced that fantasy adventure One True Hero is coming to Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and XBOX consoles on 20 October.

Developed by Rat Cliff Games, One True Hero is described as a “quirky, epic action-adventure” starring a very unlikely hero.

Here’s the official breakdown of One True Hero from the creators, followed by the latest trailer:

An epic, 3D platforming adventure featuring a young hero who never thought that he could save the kingdom! Take a magic sword in your hands and become the only One True Hero the town really needs!

One day, a young farmer. The other day, a hero…

But is he really able to save the town if he’s barely able to save himself?

As a local Hero, you will need to explore ancient ruins, defeat an army of evil minions and unravel the mystery of the sinking town, but in fact, it’s not the hardest task to fulfill. You will also need to prove the others that you are capable of being taken seriously and that may be the hardest thing to do.


    Is it really a tale we’ve heard thousands of times before?
    You will meet a lot of evil creatures standing in your path – dealing with them is the only way to save the kingdom!
    Jumping, climbing, and running will be your bread and butter! Who knew that there’s such sacrifice involved in being a legendary hero
    Memorable characters, great humor, lots of surprising dungeons, and puzzles are only a part of this extraordinary tale.

Will you be the One True Hero this kingdom needs?

One True Hero is scheduled to release on 20 October for Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and XBOX consoles and will be priced at $14.99.

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