Free Demo Now Available for Mythology-Inspired Horror Adventure “Lempo”

Oh, Paul, you blockhead!

Publisher PID Games recently released a free demo for their upcoming horror title Lempo on Steam PC.

The maiden title by Finnish game studio One Trick Entertainment, Lempo is a psychological horror game inspired by Finnish mythology and based more around exploration and puzzle solving rather than combat. Players must find a way to escape the mystical plane of existence known as Metsänpeitto overwhelms and consumes you. 

Here’s the official breakdown of Lempo from PID Games: 

What doesn’t kill me makes me… weirder!

Lempo is a psychological horror game in which you play as Paul, an ordinary office worker who finds himself lost in the forest after his work day.

Be careful! Here you come into a Metsänpeitto’s nightmare. A plane that survives on the energy of souls from living beings. Humans have no place here and neither do you!

Will you find your way out of this mysterious forest or will you get stuck with the strange creatures of Metsänpeitto?

Fear is the path to the dark side!

Discover the stories of the people who have been lost before you in this strange place and use the objects you find to uncover the secrets of Metsänpeitto. I know, I know, that’s a lot of “Metsänpeitto”, it may be difficult to pronounce, but you have to practice if you want to become a Finnish adventurer…

Light your way with a flashlight to examine the environment full of objects to find and mysteries to solve…

You’ll come across souls on your journey to Lempo. Follow them! Promise they won’t bite you. They may reveal the clues you are looking for.

Don’t go too fast or you will miss clues and get lost : forever ! Use your compass to get out of this forest, maybe it will help you find your way…

You won’t need to fight your way out, but you’ll have to solve puzzles as you explore the area. 

Can you escape the creatures?

The free demo for Lempo is available now via Steam PC. The official release date for the full game has not yet been confirmed.

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