Remembering Comic Book Creator Bernie Wrightson on His Birthday, October 27

Has there ever been a more fitting artist to celebrate during a month known for monsters and creatures than Bernie Wrightson?  Wrightson was born October 27, 1948, and if he were still with us, today would’ve been his 73rd birthday.  Unfortunately, we lost Bernie on March 18, 2017 at the age of 68. 

House of Mystery #95
The Spectre #58

Bernie Wrightson was a lifelong fan of comic books, monsters and all things horror.  He took inspiration from artists whose works he saw in the popular horror anthology series of his youth.  Publications from EC Comics and Warren would showcase artists such as Frank Frazetta, Jack Davis & Graham Ingels.  [Note: You can learn more about these artists in The Splintering’s “Top Ten Greatest Horror Artists in Comics History” ranking here].

Dark Horse Presents #101
Seduction of the Innocent 3-D #2
House of Secrets #92

There are so many characters that Mr. Wrightson was able to illustrate in his incredible career.  Comic Book heroes like Batman, Spider-Man, and the Punisher all received the Wrightson treatment.  Even with that impressive list there are two works of Bernie’s above all others that fans still look at with reverence: (1) His co-creation of the Swamp Thing along with Len Wein and (2) His adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  Those two works are what set Bernie Wrightson apart from his peers at the time.  These were projects he took great pride in, and it shows on the page. 

Twisted Tales #2
Frankenstein: A Marvel Illustrated Graphic Novel
Swamp Thing #1

If you’re new to Bernie Wrightson’s work, I recommend checking out a recently reprinted edition of Frankenstein that we reviewed previously on The Splintering.  If you think you’ve read it all, perhaps there’s a cover here in our gallery that will spark some interest.  Either way, spending a little time in our day to honor and remember one of the greatest comic book creators that ever lived is time well spent. 

Marvel Graphic Novel: Hulk & Thing
Detective Comics #1000 Variant Cover

“All I ever wanted to do was draw.” – Bernie Wrightson

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