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Lovecraftian horror for all ages, “The Case of the Littlest Umbrella” now crowdfunding on Indiegogo

“Hey therrre…” The sardonic YouTube personality known as That Umbrella Guy has teamed up with artist Keung Lee (Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb) to crowdfund The Case of the Littlest Umbrella, an all-new graphic novel intended as a Lovecraftian horror tale suitable for readers of all ages. Here’s a breakdown of The Case of the Littlest Umbrella taken from the book’s

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Indiegogo campaign for maritime horror book “Longharbor” ends successfully

On Tuesday, the crowdfunding campaign for Alejandro Mirabal’s new horror graphic novel Longharbor ended successfully, raising roughly 330% of its original funding goal for a total of over $50 thousand. At that total, the Longharbor campaign also achieved its stretch goal of adding 15 pages to the final book for a girthy total of 85 pages. A “Lovecraftian” graphic novel

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“Something Real” issue 3 successfully funded on Indiegogo

On Sunday, the crowdfunding campaign for issue 3 of indie horror series Something Real came to a successful end, raising 120% of its goal for a total of over $4 thousand. Inspired by such supernatural horror stories as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Something Real is written by Joey Turnage and features illustrations by Ian J. Miller and colors by

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Maritime horror graphic novel “Longharbor” is live on Indiegogo

Over the weekend, a crowdfunding campaign for Longharbor, a 70+ page “Lovecraftian” graphic novel written and illustrated by Alejandro Mirabal launched on Indiegogo. Formerly an archeological diver, Mirabal is also an experienced concept artist having worked on CD Projekt’s GWENT card and several Hollywood films. What’s the book about? Here is a plot summary taken from the Longharbor Indiegogo page:

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“Victor Locke: Demon Noir” now on Indiegogo

Over the weekend, a crowdfunding campaign for Victor Locke: Demon Noir went live on Indiegogo. Written and illustrated by Nathyn Masters, Demon Noir is a 32-page supernatural horror/thriller akin to Constantine and Blade. Here’s a plot summary taken from the Indiegogo page.   “During the reign of David, witchcraft and demonology were outlawed in the land of Israel. While vampire

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Horror anthology “Tales from Beyond the Gate” now live on Indiegogo

On Thursday, the crowdfunding campaign for horror anthology graphic novel Tales from Beyond the Gate went live on Indiegogo. Here’s a summary of the project taken straight from the Tales from Beyond the Gate Indiegogo page. “Tales From Beyond the Gate, from the mind of artist John Dillard. A Horror Anthology, from a team of up and coming creators, that

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