Crowdfunding campaign for horror anthology “Tales from the Stacks” launches Valentine’s Day

Michael Critzer (aka Professor Geek) and artist Dave T (aka Geek Owt Lowd) are collaborating on a new horror anthology Tales from the Stacks, featuring three all-new tales of terror in one 40-50 page graphic novel reminiscent of Tales from the Crypt.

Here’s a summary of the Tales from the Stacks project.*

“A mysterious old librarian welcomes you into the dark, inner stacks of the library and presents three tales of the uncanny: Two boys sneak into the dressing room of an exotic sideshow dancer and learn the price of mystery, two girls defend their home, and their dead grandmother, from small town witch hunters, and a young man stalks a burlesque dancer with otherworldly appeal.”

Despite being a horror anthology, there are some damn sexy cover options available for Indiegogo backers (below). If that’s not enough, for those who back the project at the physical copy tiers specifically on Valentine’s Day will receive a free print of the “Lady Inanna” by Dave T with their order. (See banner image at the top of this post)

You can check out a sample page and a couple of the Indiegogo cover designs below, or sign up or updates on the Tales from the Stacks Indiegogo page here.

Tales from the Stacks concept cover

I’m scared stiff

Tales from the Stacks concept cover No. 2

Tales from the Stacks sample page woman finds her man cheating

*Source: Indiecron

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