Horror comic “Lair” Indiegogo project adds new stretch goals and soundtrack backing tier

The crowdfunding campaign for the new horror comic Lair is already a success, having surpassed its original funding goal with nearly three weeks left to back the project. Lair has also already hit its first stretch goal resulting in signed copies for all physical edition backers.

However, this week the Lair team announced new stretch goal bonuses and backer options to keep the project growing. Included in the new $5 thousand stretch goal is a set of three trading cards and an exclusive mini-poster (below). In addition, the Lair team has created a new backing tier for $30 that includes both the graphic novel and a soundtrack featuring music inspired by Lair composed by Zaalen Tallis. All backers will be receiving an MP3 file of the Lair theme taken from the soundtrack.

Lair is a 66-page horror adventure graphic novel written by Gilbert Deltrez and featuring art by Sebastian Navas, colors by Davi Comodo and letters by Deyvison Manes. Here’s a plot summary of Lair taken from the Indiegogo page.

“An off-duty cop in a rocky relationship faces more than just inner demons when he is suddenly warped into a hellish dimension….

“A sizzling bright flash. A portion of a New York City 6 train toppled in its side, resting on a shiny hieroglyphical surface. The tall end of the subway car, torn like cardboard. Ghoulish shadows of strange winged beasts glide across the dented train hull. Three survivors are onboard. A snarky female college student, a rattled female nurse, and ANGELO CRUZ, a brazen off-duty cop who desperately wants to find a way out, oblivious that he’s actually been summoned to the most dangerous place NOT of this world: LAIR!”

Are these new perks enough to get you to take the Lair plunge? You can check out the image of the mini-poster below visit the full Lair Indiegogo page here.

Lair artwork Indiegogo Horror

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