Headshot Horror Publishing launches “Pistolera” crowdfunding campaign

On Friday, Headshot Horror Publishing launched a crowdfunding campaign for Pistolera, an all-new 32-page one-shot comic set in the 1800s. Written by Gilbert Deltrez (Lair) and featuring illustrations by Mateo Martinez (Jetpack Activate) and colors by J.L. Giles (Herbert West Reanimator), Pistolera is described as “a blood-soaked tale of scorn and vengeance.”

Here’s a plot summary of Pistolera taken from the Kickstarter page.

“Inspired by the brave women who fought in the Mexican Revolution, PISTOLERA was born. Our protagonist, VALENCIA VALDEZ, is a young teenage girl in a world of masculine, gun-slinging vaqueros, who’s dead set on settling the score with a vile Texan sheriff that took away more than just her innocence.

Backers can get a digital version of Pistolera for $5, while physical copies with several cover options start at $10. If you’re looking for more swag, there are options for multiple copies of the book, a wanted poster print of Pistolera character Vico Valdez, original artwork, and digital copies of other books, including Lair and Under the Flesh.

Still not sold on the prospect of ladies with guns? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Pistolera crowdfunding page here for more convincing.

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