Narrative Puzzler “SOWON: Dream Adventure” Now on Steam PC

Can you find Jack’s Heart?

On Friday, publisher CFK officially released 3D puzzle game SOWON: Dream Adventure on Steam PC.

Developed by Korean indie studio PUMKIN (ALTF4), SOWON: Dream Adventure was successfully crowdfunded on Tumblbug in 2019. The game puts players in a fantasy world where puzzles are solved by using “dreams, memories, and time in its own unique way.”

Here’s the official breakdown of SOWON: Dream Adventure from CFK:

SOWON: Dream Adventure follows the path of little Sowon, a child of one of the members of the development team, as she ventures out into this 3D puzzle adventure. Sowon wakes up in the middle of the night, stumbles into a locked-away attic that drops her into a toy world, and embarks on a journey to find her parents and return to her world.

The toy world is beautiful and mysterious, but full of bizarre sights as well. In this world of living dolls, meet everything from the most hideous of dolls to the most desired. With different shading and lighting in each background, every stage presents its own unique flavors and elements to keep things fresh.

All sorts of puzzles await you during your trip through toy land. Talk to all of the dolls, find clues, and use tools to find your way. Players must solve puzzles with Sowon and find all the hidden easter eggs to become the only one able to locate ‘Jack’s heart.’


Sowon, wandering in search of her missing parents, stumbles upon a secret place through an attic that has been locked for as long as she can remember. As she looks for clues and solves the mysteries there, the house collapses, and she falls into the world of toys.

Sowon loses her picture of her parents… but then she meets the leader of the toy world, Jack, the scientist, Clover, and a self-made creature that collects pictures, each moving toward their own goals…


  • Sowon: A four-year-old girl. She is woken up in the middle of the night by a strange sound and sent on an adventure after searching for her missing parents. Her favorite thing in the world is a monkey doll named Hama.
  • Clover: A scientist inside of the dream world. Her hobby is disassembling toys. She wants to dissect Sowon as well, but is also working hard to get close to her.
  • Jack: the owner of a large mansion in Dream World. A prime suspect in the abduction of Sowon’s parents. A promising joker leading the next generation, known for his humor and brutality.

Find clues to solve puzzles

Use the mouse to investigate objects close to you. Don’t miss even the smallest of clues! Collecting tools along the way will also help in your puzzle-solving endeavors. At times, you may need to ask for help to escape from perils you will encounter along the way. Communication is key if you wish to unravel all the secrets.

A unique toy world only traversable through puzzles

The puzzles in this world keep things fresh as they vary by background, art style, and visuals. Go on a journey through this beautiful and mysterious world of dreams. Find all the hidden easter eggs to become the only one able to locate ‘Jack’s heart.’

In this world of toys where the bizarre exists alongside the beautiful, meet everything from the most hideous of dolls to the most desired. Solve each unique puzzle as you explore this unique world of dreams!

SOWON: Dream Adventure is now available on Steam PC.

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