Horror Simulator “Creature Lab” Coming to Steam PC in January

“But I will show the world that I can be its master! I will perfect my own race of people – a race of atomic supermen – which will conquer the world!

Game developer Image Power recently announced that their upcoming first-person horror simulator, Creature Lab, is coming to Steam PC in January.

In Creature Lab, players take control of a modern day mad scientist by experimenting with different potions and elixirs, creating unholy abominations with mismatched body parts, solving puzzles, and causing public chaos while avoiding detection by the authorities.

Here’s the official breakdown of Creature Lab from Image Power, followed by the latest trailer:

Create monsters that would make even Mary Shelley jealous!

Forget about using science for good – the goal is to utilize scientific knowledge for evil. Players will begin by mixing different chemicals to conjure the correct mutagen to help bring the dead back to life. Test subjects can run amuck in the city and collect resources for more potions, more people to experiment on, or to keep the nosey government away from the lab.

There is a method to the madness; not every experiment will go as planned. Players must find the right chemicals that will blend specific mutagens. Through this method, players will work to figure out the properties of their concoction and how it will enhance the stats of their creatures. Ensuring there are enough creatures capable of carrying out orders to do raids is critical.

Keeping calm and flying under the radar is the key to successful experiments in Creature Lab. To the unsuspecting eye, a seemingly regular doctor’s office serves as the player’s home base. But just behind a few doors lies the top secret lair that must be kept hidden from the general public. As experiments continue and test subjects are sent into the city, the military will gain more intel about the goings on and raise the risk of raids! Players can spread panic to slow down the government’s investigation or take up contracts from shady corporations through the Dark Web to avoid being raided.

Main Features:

  • Single-player Campaign Mode: Embark on a path of a genius, yet wicked scientist whose primary goal is to find the ultimate mutagen to create incredible mutants. Avoid the government by spreading panic and playing a role in the Dark Web.
  • Endless Replayability: No playthrough is alike; chemicals in the lab will constantly change, forcing players to discover hundreds of different mutagens to experiment with.
  • Complex Inventory Management: Manage resources and expand your hideout. Send your experiments to collect or steal resources.
  • Mad Scientist Simulator: Channel Dr. Frankenstein as you experiment on monsters by changing their limbs and enhancing them to boost their stats to carry out your evil plans. Experiment and figure out how to mix potions to create the best mutagen for your creation.
  • Strategy with a Twist: Each creation will have its strengths and weaknesses. Scientists must organize raids in the city, ensuring they send the right creature to do the job. They must also stay under the radar using Tokens to deal with the military.

Creature Lab is planned for release on 19 January 2023 via Steam PC. You can add the game to your Steam wishlist now.

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