Frozen Puzzler “Arctictopia” Now on Nintendo Switch

If you were stuffed with Turkey this Thanksgiving, you may have missed that Gravity Game Arise released Arctictopia on the Nintendo eShop as part of their “Gravity Indie Games” project.

Developed by Gamtropy, Arctictopia is an approachable puzzle game with no time limit designed to soothe those who are tired of the harsh world.”

Here’s the official breakdown of Arctictopia from Gravity Game Arise, followed by the most recent trailer:

Arctictopia is a puzzle-solving game in the Arctic Ocean. Figure out routes and plan your moves to help mama polar bear find her cub on the melting ice.

Every time you move the parent polar bear, the ice under your feet will melt more and more. The game has 150 stages in total. As the stage progresses, the parent polar bear will face various new difficulties and ways to interact and solve the stage.


  • 10 unique mechanics woven into 150 intriguing levels.
  • Immerse yourself in a hand-drawn, picture book-styled (but frigid!) North Pole and as you cross the Arctic Ocean.
  • Plan your every step carefully — with each move you make, the ice under your paws melts a bit.
  • Relax and take your time puzzle-solving. It’s easy to retrace your steps or try a different level. Chill and enjoy the challenge.
  • The polar bears and their cubs are also joined by seals and seabirds and other arctic creatures.

Arctictopia is now available for Nintendo Switch via the eShop.

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