Retro-Inspired Run-And-Gun “Orebody: Binder’s Tale” Coming Soon to Steam PC (Updated)


*Update – an unforeseen delay has caused the release to be pushed to Wednesday, 30 November. Original story follows.

Publisher Nami Tentou has released the run-and-gun action game Orebody: Binder’s Tale on Steam.

Developed by Orebody Inc., Binder’s Tale is described as a “love letter to NES games,” complete with a pixelated art style, chiptune soundtrack, and a main character that looks like Tinhead’s blue, 8-bit cousin.

Here’s the official breakdown of Orebody: Binder’s Tale from Nami Tentou, followed by a recent trailer:

Built using the constraints of classic 8-bit games, Binder’s Tale provides an authentic old school experience for young and old players alike. As an orphaned battle bot named Binder, players run, jump, and blast their way across Orebody in order to reach the Floating City of Galvanstad, a hovering A.I. fortress, to confront their makers and avenge the death of their mentor.

But that’s not all! The Steam version of Binder’s Tale contains a bonus 8-bit game experience, Orebody: Sand Ripples. In this short box-pushing puzzle game, players control a sand squid that is trying to save the Great Sand Sea Solorus from the destructive mining practices of the SolarSeed Corporation.


Authentic NES experience!
Fast-paced run and gun gameplay!
Expand your move set as you progress!
Traverse unique alien environments, from burning forests to city slums to floating robot fortresses!
Wield multiple weapon types!
Battle 15 vicious bosses!
Uncover the secrets of Galvanstad!
With the Steam version of Binder’s Tale, you get it all! Play through the game’s campaign in Novice or Advanced difficulty modes. Try to beat every one of the game’s bosses in a row using only three lives in Boss Rush mode, or simply sit back and jam out to the game’s soundtrack in Jukebox mode.

Although originally developed for the NES, this special release of Orebody: Binder’s Tale has additional extras such as achievements, rumble support, concept art, the official soundtrack, a high-quality in-game scan of the manual, and much more in the game to view!

Orebody: Binder’s Tale is now available on Steam PC.

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