Hark! The Lord is Coming… To Steam; “I Am Jesus Christ” Prologue Available Now

Jesus Christ… video game star…

Game publisher PlayWay has released a free prologue for the upcoming first-person adventure game, I Am Jesus Christ. The full game is expected to launch on Steam Early Access sometime in 2023.

Originally announced in 2019 and developed by SimulaM, I Am Jesus Christ is an interactive first-person game that virtually leads players through the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

The I Am Jesus Christ prologue provides roughly an hour of gameplay, and includes settings such as the Jerusalem and the Galilee region. Players will have the chance to experience key moments of Christ’s life and ministry, including His confrontation with Satan in the desert and turning water into wine.

Here’s the official breakdown of I Am Jesus Christ from PlayWay:

Ambitious in scope and accurate in its level of detail, the full I Am Jesus Christ game will give players the chance to interact with a cast of over 60 Biblical characters and perform over 30 miracles including feeding the masses and resurrecting the dead.

The game takes place in a highly detailed, beautifully crafted faithful recreation of the Holy Land where Christ spent so much time spreading his message and performing miracles. The SimulaM development team even traveled to the region in order to ensure that the recreation was as detailed as possible.

Developer SimulaM is designing I Am Jesus Christ to be based on the New International Version of The Bible, retelling the events of Jesus’s life, from his birth and adulthood through to the crucifixion and resurrection. Intending to offer players a new way of experiencing the word of God, I Am Jesus Christ takes traditional game mechanics such as quests, abilities, and traversing an open world while combining them with the New Testament narrative that’s instantly familiar to billions.

SimulaM CEO Maksym Vysochanskiy said: “Our goal with this game is simple. We want to provide an opportunity for players to visit the historical places where Jesus Christ lived and breathed, and to learn from him by playing his story.”

I Am Jesus Christ is currently scheduled to release on Steam Early Access some time in 2023. You can add it to your Steam wishlist here, and the free prologue is available to play now.

Turning water into wine sounds great and all, but throwing the money changers out of temple sounds even more fun to me. What moments from Jesus Christ’s life and ministry are you most interested in experiencing? Let us know in the comments!

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