It’s Demons Vs. Kitteh in “Luna & Monsters Tower Defense” Now on Steam PC, Mobile

On Wednesday (or Tuesday, depending on where you fall on the date line), the developers at Luna’s Tail Creative released the elaborately titled Luna & Monsters Tower Defense: The Deprived Magical Kingdom on Steam PC and mobile.

As the name implies, Luna & Monsters Tower Defense is a tower defense strategy game starring a demon-battling black cat named Luna.

Here’s the official breakdown of Luna & Monsters TD from the creators, followed by a recent trailer:

Luna & Monsters Tower Defense is a simple tower defense game where you can increase the population on your farm and strengthen defense towers. Mana tanks can be built to produce mana and summon towers that will assist you with more powerful magic. All giant bosses that stand in your way can be summoned as summoners by defeating them.


This is the story of the world-traveling black cat Luna and vicious monsters!

Luna, a black cat, once defeated the Demon King and saved the world together with a legendary hero.

However, the hero disappeared without a trace and is now missing.

Will he ever be found…?
What is the mystery behind the hero…?

The adventures of Luna, the black cat traveling the world, begin now!


It is an internal administration type tower defense game in which the player earns costs by producing population at a ranch and mana at a mana tank. The produced costs are used to construct four types of defense towers (bows, cannons, anti-aircraft guns, and barracks) to intercept the enemy. Population is not only consumed for the cost of tower construction, but also the HP that can withstand enemy attacks.

A total of 11 giant bosses can be summoned to the summoning tower by defeating them. The summoners will assist you with their unique and distinctive magic.

There are a total of 65 stages in a large volume of casual battles that take 5 minutes per stage. The difficulty level varies greatly depending on the player’s strategy, such as whether to cultivate internal affairs or use the population for defense. The game difficulty can be selected from “easy,” “normal,” and “difficult,” and can be switched at any time.


  • The game is a tower defense game in which players build defense towers by producing population and mana to earn costs.
  • Eleven giant bosses can be summoned as friends by defeating them, and they support you with their unique magic.
  • There are 3 difficulty levels, 35 original BGM songs, and all bosses have their own BGM, for a total of 65 voluminous stages.

Luna & Monsters Tower Defense: The Deprived Magical Kingdom is available now for Steam PC, Android and iOS. Both the Steam and iOS versions are currently discounted for a limited time.

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